Mary E. Morgan

Mary E. Morgan

My abstract expressionist artwork is a reflection of my soul. It is a vehicle for communicating my thoughts and ideas to many; some I may never meet face to face.

The work is often a spontaneous response to the enmeshment of my current inner and outer world experiences. Other times it is a reflection of life's journey; experiences with family, opportunities to travel, and situations that arise as life unfolds. I have a unique relationship with color; it is my mantra. Sometimes it reflects nature and is purposefully chosen and at other times it may depend simply on the colors I have available. My paintings are often mixed media beginning with acrylic and ending with oil and sometimes I may use collage, photo transfer or gold leaf to communicate a specific idea or thought.

I usually work two to four hours daily in the studio; it varies from three to four days a week. I usually work on two or more works simultaneously as my creative thoughts readily change and I find I may go back and work on things that I thought were finished but were not. I enjoy working on multi size works but the large works often give me ample opportunity to explore my mark and challenge my design mind for creative thinking. I enjoy the process of working in a series that allows opportunity to make a statement or to work through new materials and/or techniques. After spending the last year and a half in a studio I have learned to pace myself and I spend more time thinking and looking at my work. It takes time to do this and so some days are merely thinking days. I usually research other artists that inspire me and I enjoy seeing their processes evolve. Many thanks for the artists who continue to inspire me, some living and others who have passed whose legacy I will always be grateful for.

It has always been my desire that the viewer takes away a new visual experience, something unique from viewing my art. I am always open to answering questions or listening to their thoughts. My hope is to continue to express significant content through the creative process that has a universal impact and appeal.


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