Marianne Angeli Rodriguez

Marianne Angeli Rodriguez

I am an illustrator & painter based in the charming city of New Orleans, Louisiana.

I spent 15 years living abroad in West Africa, Central America, Europe & Asia. I have a background in media studies & anthropology from the City University of New York at Hunter College, and a degree in fashion design from FIT.

My studio is based in Midcity at the iconic Blue Plate building - a former mayonnaise factory that operated from the 1940's-60's.

My inspiration is drawn from world culture, ethnic textiles, and the harmonious colors reflected from nature. I’m interested in cultural diversity, rituals, symbolism, language, and the ever-changing symbiosis of communities and nature. My creative process lives in the 'experimental' phase; I’m always searching for nuances that evoke feelings of simple delight and beauty; whether that be in the discovery of a new medium, a pleasing brushstroke, gestural line or color combination.

 As a student of Buddhist philosophy, I implement creativity as a healing and meditative practice.  The imagery I create is intended to highlight kindness, compassion, and the capacity to awaken in order to strengthen our Higher Selves, and hopefully to inspire an appreciation for the interconnectedness and serenity presented to us by Mother Earth. Although I do not have any formal training in fine art, I'm compelled to create in order to remind myself, and others, of these virtues.

I feel grateful every day to be able to apply the gift of creativity through my work, and for all of the blessings & obstacles that contribute to my personal and artistic evolution.

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