vicki P. Maguire

Vicki P. Maguire, Modern Expression        July 2016

Painting is like Poetry on Canvas. I observe the world around me and internalize it for expression through my art.  It is the light, color, mood, fragrance and atmosphere of the experience that step forward in expression. My work is generally peaceful and gives the viewer with a sense of wellbeing and calm.  My Mother was a musician and a driving spark of joy and encouragement, and we shared in the little moments of simplicity that are without price tags. As a master seamstress, she was an all around creative.    

My contemporary oil paintings reflect my love affair with the vast outdoors and  various landscapes throughout the country.  My inspiration is found in the tranquil moments of all of creation.   Moving, traveling and living on three coasts, it is Nature that speaks to me, especially the sea.  I find endless material for creative endeavor.  Simple and lovely moments can trigger a project.   Art education is an on going and rewarding process.  You have to keep learning to keep it fresh and fun. 

Im honored to have my projects in homes and businesses across the United States and as far away as little the  colonial city of Granada, Nicaragua.