Teresa Person

Teresa Person is a native Texan who has always loved creating beautiful aesthetics.  In fact, as a child, she could often be found drawing floor plans and rooms in chalk on her parents’ driveway and then ever-so-carefully arranging make-believe furniture in them.    

Despite such early interest and signs of creativity, Teresa was not fully aware of her passion for the creative arts until she took an art class in high school to fulfill a credit requirement.  It was there she had an “aha moment” and realized she should pursue a career in the creative arts.  And so, Teresa went on to earn a degree in Interior Design.

Teresa spent many years meticulously planning spaces for clients, carefully selecting every detail of such spaces including the fabrics, paint colors, furniture, and the like. Occasionally, Teresa was asked to create a rendering for a project, and in so doing, she felt compelled to draw and paint.  This prompted her to take more art classes, and in time, Teresa was able to live out her dream of creating art full-time. 

Teresa’s first endeavors in the art world involved painting animal portraits via commissions through Neiman Marcus – Gift Galleries, Rutherford’s Interiors, and other interior design firms, (which, incidentally, enabled her to put her two daughters through college).   Her pet portraits capture the very essence of the animal’s personality and detail the expression on its face and deep penetrating emotion in its eyes. 

Several years ago, after a trip to Santa Fe with an artist friend, Teresa was inspired and moved to expand her subject matter. Thus, her current works include landscapes and still life’s, along with her detailed pet portraits and occasional room interiors.  Today, much of Teresa’s inspirations derive from her many travels with her photographer/artist husband, Ken.  Together they capture breathtaking subject matter through the lens, which Teresa then transfers to and paints on canvas. 

Teresa is an associate member of American Women Artist.  Her work can be found in many collectors’ homes throughout Texas and the US.