My goal with creating art is to bring beauty into peoples’ everyday lives. Knowing that my paintings are going to be lived with, and that they help to make peoples’ homes unique and beautiful; that makes it all worth while for me. My art is about bringing beauty into the world, and I am inspired mostly by my day to day observations of my surrounding, especially the Southern landscapes which surround me. Being an artist for me, means finding inspiration wherever I can. I observe patterns that leaves or trees make, and use line and color to re-create that experience. I observe colors throughout the day and aim to combine them in new and unique ways. I always carry a notepad around with me to jot down these mini inspirations, and then I bring them back to my studio to create. I never want my paintings to feel mechanical, or planned out. I leave my hand in each piece, often showing bold strokes to convey the fluidity and raw impulse which comprise each painting. My pieces hover between landscape and abstraction, and my layered organic forms build to create depth and movement.