Ken Person is a native Texan.   He has had a camera in his hands since his childhood and has been creating breathtaking art through photography for more than 40 years.  Decades later, he still owns and delights in one of his first Kodak and Nikon F2 cameras from his youth. 

As an adult, Ken’s global travels as a corporate pilot have taken him to many of the most scenic locations in the world, which he has and continues to artfully capture through the lens.  In fact, never flying/traveling without his cameras and lenses in tow, he has taken literally thousands of breathtaking images that fill his portfolio. 

With an extensive collection of cameras and lenses, Ken always has just the right equipment to create his photography, be it a long-range scenic landscape or a minute detail in nature such as the beauty found in a single flower or its parts.  And through his artistic eyes, he can even manage to turn simple, ordinary objects into beautiful works of art. 

From the early days of transparencies and negatives to present day digital cameras, Ken has found and preserved beauty through his photography, which can be found in both corporate installations and private residences alike.