Judy Marlowe Stead

Judy Marlowe Stead received her B.A. from East Carolina University, English Literature/Studio Art, with continued studies at School of the Museum of Fine Art and Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, and more recently with Stuart Shils, Jane Filer, Isaac Payne and Margie Stewart.

As a graphic designer she earned awards from Art Director’s Club Boston, Print Magazine Regional Annual and Bookbuilders of Boston. As a children’s book illustrator of 16 published titles, her work appeared in a Society of Illustrators exhibit NYC, Adobe Illustrator WOW! books, received a Rutgers University BOM award and was favorably reviewed in The NYTimes. She was an adjunct instructor of illustration at Winthrop University and a camp leader at the Mint Museum, Charlotte.

Now concentrating on painting, she works from her home studio in Charlotte NC. She is a former member of McRae Art Studios, Orlando FL, and Morean Arts Center, St. Peterburg FL, exhibiting across the state, with works in private collections throughout the South, and recent installations in Yale New Haven Hospital, CT and corporate collections in Charlotte, NC.


The paintings have evolved from traditional landscapes to “land escapes”, entering territory that is both familiar and non-specific, sometimes maintaining a horizon while increasingly playing with abstraction. Color interaction is at the heart of every piece, in which formal shapes and planes might be read as ruins scattered across plains...or not, reflecting the duality that we live in a world that is incredibly beautiful and increasingly uncertain. Questions are more interesting than answers. Most recently, an ongoing series of small mixed media collages ,"Color + Design", explores all the permutations and juxtapositions of palette, form, composition and content, dedicated to the spirit of creative joy!