Hannah Lane


Louisiana native, Hannah Lane, earned her BFA from the Savannah College of Art & Design. During periods of extensive travel in her 20s, Hannah immersed herself in rich cultures, color, texture and nature. She spent time living and painting in Italy and New Orleans before settling in Nashville, Tennessee. She is part of a thriving art scene in the heart of Nashville and paints full-time in her home studio.

Hannah Lane started collecting and working with papers while living in Florence, Italy in 2012. She now pigments japanese and patterned papers with ink to further transform them before layering with pastels and acrylic paint. In her mixed media paintings, the subject is up close and personal, almost to the point of exposed. Hannah Lane uses illustrative line work and bursts of color as an emotional response to the forms she holds dear. The wildlife and nature of Louisiana and now Tennessee have captured a long standing space in her work. Her "Crowd Series" is also a fun and colorful interpretation of Hannah's Louisiana upbringing in a large Southern family.

"This exploration has been extremely gratifying and meditative. I continue to work with familiar forms and figures while breaking open my creative vocabulary. Pushing the boundaries of mixed media past what is familiar is immensely joyful for me."