"My work.
The marks I make today are rooted in my past. I grew up near the site of the largest known collection of First Nations rock carvings in Ontario and I have had a fascination with petroglyphs since childhood. The site was named “Kinoomaagewaabkong”  by the Algonquin tribe, which translates to “The Teaching Rocks.  According to Joseph Campbell, a scholar on world religions, myth, and culture, marks such as those discovered near my home are religious artifacts carved by spiritual leaders, intended to inform and protect us. 

Until a few years ago, my artwork was exclusively representational—recognizable enough for me to be employed as a medical artist at Vanderbilt University and as an exhibits artist for Cumberland Science Museum. I am drawn to the work of Joan Mitchell, Cy Twombly, Paterson Ewen and Gershon Iskowitz, artists whose work holds a spiritual energy that inspires me to continue to make my own marks."