Cherlyn WIlcox

From the Artist: "I appreciate the spontaneity of the process and freedom that abstract art allows me. My paintings are an emotional journey, creating a dialogue between a canvas and my paint. My lines, patches and shapes of color are explorations of the dynamics of emotions. I think of the layering and flow of the painting as a symphony of expression. I want to connect the viewer to each painting like music can do for a listener. I moved to Montana from Kauai, HI at the age of 12. I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from The University of Montana in 2002. I was enticed to Bozeman from Missoula in 2007 by my now husband. Bozeman constantly offers great inspiration for creating. Here I enjoy skiing, hiking, dog walks, dinners with friends and every now and then escaping to a beach where I am learning to utilize my novice surfing skills."