Bee Street is a warehouse style gallery offering full-service art consultation. It is owned and operated by mother & daughter team: Ann Catherine Easterling and Delaney Campbell. Different from other galleries, Bee Street uses every inch of wall space to showcase the works of their talented artists and curated pieces. The atmosphere is approachable and the girls strive to make your experiences comfortable, enjoyable and least of all - intimidating! They are a valuable resource in connecting clients and interior designers with a tailored selection of high quality art offerings. With a portfolio including a large range of artists, styles and pricing fit for any project (both commercial and residential) AND services free of charge, give them the opportunity to find original art for any space!

        "We absolutely love what we do & get excited with every project - big or small. The best part about Bee Street is the connections we have made with both clients and artists alike. Each experience is truly delightful and rewarding. We understand that finding and falling in love with art is extremely personal, so thank you to those who let us into your lives, dress up your walls and most of all, get to know YOU!" - Ann Catherine and Delaney

                                  Come see us:  T/W/Th  10 AM - 3 PM 

(* or by appointment)